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Gift: Happy Birthday, Mark! by TheScaleTrain Gift: Happy Birthday, Mark! :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 41 36 Quickie: Practice Makes Perfect by TheScaleTrain Quickie: Practice Makes Perfect :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 23 32
AKatFI Chapter 2: Scales and Spirals
WARNING: The following chapter of Ash Ketchum and the Forgotten Island contains situations not intended for younger readers, including:HypnosisMild bondage (snake coil/constriction type)Large-lipped kisses/smoochesImplied vore
Viewer discretion is advised.
Last time on Ash Ketchum and the Forgotten Island: A research trip with Professor Kukui went awry when a freak storm sent Ash overboard! Drifting unconcious over the ocean, he found himself swept into the shallows of a mysterious island... as well as making the acquaintance of the playful, prank-loving Bruxynx, of course! After reluctantly sharing a smooch with her in exchange for his prized hat, our hero pulled himself ashore, trying to decide what he should do next...

Ash Ketchum was at a loss.
And it wasn't like all the other times he was at a loss. It wasn't like when he was trying to find his way to a village and couldn't remember which route t
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 15 18
AKatFI Chapter 1: All Washed Up
WARNING: The following chapter of Ash Ketchum and the Forgotten Island contains situations not intended for younger readers, including:
Scenes of danger/perilLarge-lipped kisses/smooches
Forced shipping
Viewer distrection is advised.
Now this is the Law of the Jungle--as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.

- Rudyard Kipling; "The Law of the Jungle", The Second Jungle Book

If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it's that life will not be contained.
- Ian Malcom; Jurassic Park
The storm had been completely unexpected. All those aboard the research vessel had been assured, both by the news reports and general consensus, that the weather for the day was to be the usual Alola sunshine and heat. It hadn't rained for a day or so, and it seemed unlikely that something like that would happen in the im
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 16 15
RQ: A Mega-Tight Hug by TheScaleTrain RQ: A Mega-Tight Hug :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 30 23 Quickie: Dex and Alolan Mandy by TheScaleTrain Quickie: Dex and Alolan Mandy :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 19 14 Quickie: Noodle and Mrs. Toad by TheScaleTrain Quickie: Noodle and Mrs. Toad :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 54 30 Mini-Comic PC: Flottix's Major Squeeze by TheScaleTrain Mini-Comic PC: Flottix's Major Squeeze :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 25 6 Contest Entry: Seth and Mara by TheScaleTrain Contest Entry: Seth and Mara :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 16 14 300+ Watcher Special: A Very Lovely Kiss (Redux) by TheScaleTrain 300+ Watcher Special: A Very Lovely Kiss (Redux) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 69 50
Mature content
Squeeze Fighter 2.5: Juri's Moldworm Makeout :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 13 11
Quickie: Clemont Loves Coils by TheScaleTrain Quickie: Clemont Loves Coils :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 35 20 Holiday Special: Chocolate Kisses by TheScaleTrain Holiday Special: Chocolate Kisses :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 113 59 GIFT: Ultraman vs. Koopzilla Teaser Poster by TheScaleTrain GIFT: Ultraman vs. Koopzilla Teaser Poster :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 14 2 Poppy's Pirate Treasure (Introducing Poppy) by TheScaleTrain Poppy's Pirate Treasure (Introducing Poppy) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 100 37
Mulberry Farm Tales: The Rooster and The Serpent
WARNING: The following contains mild sexual situations not intended for younger readers, including:
HypnosisSnake coiling/Squeeze playMild straight shotacon
Viewer distrection is advised.
Also, this is really, really, REALLY long. You might want to get comfortable with a cup of tea. :P
The characters and setting of Mulberry Farm belong to TheScaleTrain. Whilst I cannot enforce my ownership very well because this is the internet, I would be very grateful if you didn't copy anything from here wholesale, at least not without my permission.


A Mulberry Farm Story

Mulberry Farm. A stange and enchanted place, hidden within the heart of the English countryside. This historic farm, and the countryside around it, is populated not just by humans and animals, but by mysterious half-human, half-animal beings known as the Animen. Here, amongst the sandy dells and thick woods of that piece of cou
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 11 5


Peppa the Snapien by TMan5636 Peppa the Snapien :icontman5636:TMan5636 14 12 yet another screenshot redraw by GG-8 yet another screenshot redraw :icongg-8:GG-8 55 39 Booty bumps by ScottyTheSmasher Booty bumps :iconscottythesmasher:ScottyTheSmasher 61 4 snake squeeze  april o neli by kaitakuan
Mature content
snake squeeze april o neli :iconkaitakuan:kaitakuan 52 9
An002 by rh70
Mature content
An002 :iconrh70:rh70 208 24
Sketch new comic. by Arniro111 Sketch new comic. :iconarniro111:Arniro111 145 2 Pokemon - Anthro Vaporeon by Joakaha Pokemon - Anthro Vaporeon :iconjoakaha:Joakaha 156 23 Wicke by redblacktac Wicke :iconredblacktac:redblacktac 546 8 Commission: X - Power Suit Armor by ultimatemaverickx Commission: X - Power Suit Armor :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 466 39 Snake squeeze Sora by TightSquish
Mature content
Snake squeeze Sora :icontightsquish:TightSquish 41 11
James TG by Rezuban James TG :iconrezuban:Rezuban 233 12 And make it gender bending double !! by Rezuban And make it gender bending double !! :iconrezuban:Rezuban 241 18 Time to Sing by Kobi-Tfs Time to Sing :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 1,075 118 MComm: Mega Rave Girl TG by VoidStrata MComm: Mega Rave Girl TG :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 234 10 Tai Bikini Tg by Rezuban Tai Bikini Tg :iconrezuban:Rezuban 257 22 Cheep Cheep Chu by FetStation Cheep Cheep Chu :iconfetstation:FetStation 39 25


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United Kingdom
Screeching down the railway with no brakes,
The Scale Train! The Scale Train!
Posting crappy art with a ton of mistakes,
The Scale Train! The Scale Train!

With smooches, coils and hypnosis galore,
And more besides, you can never be sure,
When the Scale Train may someday pull up outside your door!

- Sung to the tune of "James the Really Splendid Engine".

I do naughty drawings. Usually to do with snakes, coiling, kisses and hypno, but you may just see some other stuff here. I may also write things related to said fetishes.

:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesask: :iconnocommissions: :iconnocollabs: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :icongiftsask:
So despite the title, let's get something out of the way first.

Some time ago, I talked about cancelling The Misadventures of Tiffany Ebrum to make room for this new thing. However, after careful thought, it's come to me that I would still like to work on it at some point, but not when I have commissions and things on my plate. Therefore, I am placing that series on Indefinite Hiatus until I've completed all commissions and requests, and will most likely pick it up again after that.

"But Scale Train!" I hear you cry. "If you don't feel like you can do another project on top of commissions, why do another one?"

Because, my dear peoples, this is not an art project. This is a fanfic project, which I feel I can juggle better on top of art and things. Also, I really just want to do this one more :P. You've already heard me bring it up in your status threads, but now I've managed to develop it a little more and I feel like it's something I could really enjoy writing. So without further ado, I'd like to announce...

Ash Ketchum and the Forgotten Island

Premise: During his travels through the Alola region, Ash Ketchum is suddenly caught in a mysterious storm and separated from his friends and Pokémon. He soon awakens on a strange island that he has never visited before - an island not marked on any maps, and populated entirely by bizzare Pokémon hybrids! With no way to contact the outside world, our hero must find a way to get off the island and reunite with his friends, as well as uncover the hidden secrets of how it came to be. However, his journey will have more than enough roadblocks, most of them in the form of Jynx-based hybrids who would love to lock lips with him, whether their intentions are good or bad.

And there are some secrets that are best left uncovered...

Characters: Aside from Ash, the main characters of this series will be the Jynx hybrids that he'll encounter every chapter. Below is a list of the hybrids that are confirmed to appear:
  • Bruxynx: Bruxish + Jynx. An inhabitant of the coral reefs with a mischevious and playful disposition.
  • Jynbok: Jynx + Arbok. A tree-bound predator with a seductive personality and a forever-rumbling stomach.
  • Jyndra: Jynx + Goodra. A slimy, friendly beast of the swamp who is eternally curious about everything.
  • Goldynx: Goldeen + Jynx. An alluringly beautiful healer and maiden of the rivers. (Suggestion by :iconneo-geno450:)
  • Gavantynx: Gavantula + Jynx. A web-spinning, motherly figure who wants the best for her children.
  • Jynbat: Swoobat + Jynx. A devious and crafty cave dweller that exclusively targets cute young men.
  • Roserynx: Roserade + Jynx. A mysterious flower looking for a little... pollenation.
  • Cofagrynx: Cofagrigus + Jynx: An ancient spirit who desires the perfect little servant.
  • Jynette: Jynx + Banette. A cruel phantom that enjoys making... alterations to her victims

UPDATE: Other hybrids currently under consideration are:

  • Tanjynx: Tangela + Jynx. Another strange forest creature, her motivations are unknown. (Suggestion by :iconflashshadow:)
  • Salazzynx: Salazzle + Jynx. A seductive femme fatale who desires a mate. (Suggestion by :icondarkblade8411:)
  • Zorynx: Zoroark + Jynx. A cunning shapeshifter who likes to play all manner of tricks. (Suggestion by :iconshade-iron-fist:)
  • Swalynx: Swalot + Jynx. A forever-hungry, dopey glutton. (Suggestion by :icontaren14:)
  • Jynbuffet: Jynx + Wobbufet. Nobody can seem to explain this bizzare oddity. (Suggestion by :iconfantastic3000:)
  • Jynmime: Jynx + Mr. Mime. A strange mistress of mimicry. (TheScaleTrain Originals)
  • Jynlee and Jynchan: Jynx + Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan. Two spunky fighting sisters who are rarely seen apart. (TheScaleTrain Originals)
  • Jynperior: Jynx + Serperior. Jynbok's rival, a more gentle and compassionate figure. (TheScaleTrain Original)
The list will be updated with more potential Jynx hybrids as the story continues. In the description of each chapter, a short "Pokédex" styled biography of that hybrid will be written. Other Pokémon hyrbids will appear in a minor capacity, with their own entries included.

Kinks: This story is basically a string of scenarios to have Ash get smooched by Jynx-like entities in succession, so obviously big lips, kisses and lipstick are the main subject matter. This story is also planned to cover:
  • Snake coils and squeezes.
  • Spider web and wrapping.
  • Mummy wrappings.
  • Hypnosis/mind control.
  • Genderbending.
  • Flower pollen.
  • Vines/tentacles.
  • Slime.
  • Vampirism/energy draining.

Schedule: Like most things I do, Forgotten Island will have no set schedule. However, what you can be sure if is that it will be every other upload I do, since I want to juggle this alongside other works. So after each art piece, a chapter of Forgotten Island will commence production and be uploaded. I can't give a definite time frame for how long these will take to write, but at least you'll know when to expect one.

Anyone excited? Any thoughts, opinions and suggestions to make? Let me know in the comments!

  • Listening to: Gorillaz - Humanz
  • Watching: Michael Rosen YTP's
  • Playing: Snake Pass
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Cider


Making some progress on Chapter 3 of Forgotten Island. There's a detail that I'm a little unsure about including, though - not only did I plan to feature Gavantynx in this chapter, but also a prevolution as well. The idea is that Gavantynx is a mom, and her kids come out from hiding at one point to give Ash lots of little kisses all over him. But I'm starting to wonder if this will even add anything to the story, or if it will just get in the way of the snogging you guys all want.

So I ask of you lot - would you care to see this, or not?
An addendum to my complaint about people messaging me for RP earlier.

I have a little red button on my Deviant ID. It says "Requests are CLOSED". It is very visible, being a bright red colour, and it would take no more than two or three seconds of your time to look at it and understand that no, I can't do requests. why the fuck do people still ask me for requests?

Leave off, guys, I'm not your art monkey. I'll take on more requests when I say I will, and that's an end of it. Also Jesus Christ, would it kill you to just take a look to find that button? It's not that hard, people.
Okay so serious question.

In Eustace's bio, I said that his heterochromia means he can't do standard naga hypnosis. This was to differentiate him from Tutti, my main hypno-perv character. But now I'm seriously considering just going "fuck it" and giving him hypno powers anyway.

What do you guys think? Good idea or bad idea?
Forgotten Island-related question for y'all biscuitheads - what other Jynx-based Hybridmon do you wanna see get cosy with Ash? :iconflashshadow: already suggested Tanjynx, which I'm seriously considering to replace Vilynx, but what about you guys?

Also, like my new av? :P
Already made a bunch of progress with the first chapter of Forgotten Island! This chapter will feature Ash's arrival to the Island and his encounter with the first of our kissy hybrids - the playful, mischievous Bruxynx!

Stay tuned for future developments :)
Alright, I just need to make something clear here, since I've been getting multiple requests for it.

I don't RP.

I'm serious. I have done about one or two RP's on this site before, but I am so damn self-concious about my RP'ing skills when it comes to... erotic RP, let's say, that I don't fancy doing it on a regular basis. I'm not looking for anyone to RP with in such a fashion, either - I just had to let somebody down who was looking for a regular partner. And also I'd rather use the time to be working on art/stories and the like.

So just... stop asking me if I RP, please? Because it's getting repetitive and I turn into a nervous wreck every time I get a request.

...oh yeah, and I've started writing Chapter One of Forgotten Island. Just so you know :P
Lemme pitch something at you guys.

Long ago, I once pitched an idea for a series of pics/fics where Toon Link ended up on an island full of kissy creatures and had to escape somehow. I let the idea drop because I didn't really know what to do with it. But after seeing some of :iconmtc-studio:'s Pokémon fusion artwork, I've retooled the idea quite a lot.

It's the same basic idea, except replace Toon Link with Ash Ketchum, and populate the island with Jynx PokéHybrids. So no matter where he takes shelter, he ends up getting a big ol' smooch. And with the variety of possible hybrids, a lot of other kinks would get covered as well, such as coiling, hypnosis, wrapping/webbing and others. There may be more of a plot here to explain the hybrids, but honestly I'm still in the planning stages.

How many people want to see me do this? Because I'm honestly considering writing a chapter or two between commissions and further pics I do. Keep in mind that I would probably have to drop The Misadventures of Tiffany Ebrum for this, but tbh that's no big loss for me - I've kind of soured on that project, and would rather work on something with a bit more consistency.
The points commission for :iconflottix: is done! Just need to write the story blurb, and it'll go up this evening.

After that, I'll be working on two kiss-based pieces. One is :iconpainfan66:'s request, the other is a sudden impluse pic I've wanted to do for a bit. Stay tuned!
Happy Easter, y'all biscuitheads. Try not to eat too much chocolate in one go. :P

Also, another preview:
Preview 2 by TheScaleTrain

There will be a story blurb to go with this, as well. So look forward to that also!
Shitty preview of the points commission for :iconflottix:
Flottix Preview 1 by TheScaleTrain
Yes, after all this time, I only did two panels. Snake Pass happened, sue me.

...Oh, yeah, Snake Pass is an awesome game. Check it out.
Back to working on commissions!

Current project: :iconflottix: - OC Flottix Snake Squeeze mini-comic + story blurb

...oh, and go and play Snake Pass. It's an awesome game.
Okay, I think I just hit the AU jackpot. Picture this:

The Jungle Book...

...but it's also Skull Island from King Kong.
Just saw Kong: Skull Island.

It has made me hype for Godzilla 2.
Two things I just wanna say today:

1. Don't expect any previews for my next piece of work. I want it to be a surprise.

2. Holy shit, Eagle Flight has sold me on VR. Just make more games like this, please.
Happy Lips Appreciation Day, y'all biscuitheads.
Final flat colour preview. Enjoy it whilst it's here :P
300+ Watcher Special Flat Colour Preview by TheScaleTrain
Second preview. Not much new, except for the third panel. I'm really proud of how that turned out. :P
300+ Watcher Special Preview 2 by TheScaleTrain
I'm also thinking of modifying the big centre panel to show a cross-section with Ash's lips being smothered by Jynx's. Thoughts?
Preview of my 300+ Watcher Special. I'll give you a cookie if you can guess what this is a remake of :P
300+ Watcher Special Preview 1 by TheScaleTrain


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