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Mulberry Farm Tales: The Rooster and The Serpent
WARNING: The following contains mild sexual situations not intended for younger readers, including:
HypnosisSnake coiling/Squeeze playMild straight shotacon
Viewer distrection is advised.
Also, this is really, really, REALLY long. You might want to get comfortable with a cup of tea. :P
The characters and setting of Mulberry Farm belong to TheScaleTrain. Whilst I cannot enforce my ownership very well because this is the internet, I would be very grateful if you didn't copy anything from here wholesale, at least not without my permission.


A Mulberry Farm Story

Mulberry Farm. A stange and enchanted place, hidden within the heart of the English countryside. This historic farm, and the countryside around it, is populated not just by humans and animals, but by mysterious half-human, half-animal beings known as the Animen. Here, amongst the sandy dells and thick woods of that piece of cou
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 8 5
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United Kingdom
Screeching down the railway with no brakes,
The Scale Train! The Scale Train!
Posting crappy art with a ton of mistakes,
The Scale Train! The Scale Train!

With smooches, coils and hypnosis galore,
And more besides, you can never be sure,
When the Scale Train may someday pull up outside your door!

- Sung to the tune of "James the Really Splendid Engine".

I do naughty drawings. Usually to do with snakes, coiling, kisses and hypno, but you may just see some other stuff here. I may also write things related to said fetishes.

:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesask: :iconnocommissions: :iconnocollabs: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :icongiftsask:
So I'm tired, and I'm probably an idiot for writing this, but I need to get it off my chest and a status update wouldn't be enough for it.

I know I have this thing where I promise to get back to working on requests and points commissions, and then do something that isn't that. And it just occured to me that some of you might not like how long it takes for me to put out art, or that I might be scamming you out of points. I know this might be a completely unfounded fear, but I just want to go ahead and apologize to anyone who ever thought anything along those lines, and I want to reassure people that this is not the case.

My problem is that, aside from sudden illness or Nintendo consoles, I have the attention span of a gnat. I tend to exhaust quickly when working on pics for a long time, or suddenly get ideas for pics or stories that I really wanna do, just because it's different from what I'm working on, and I often end up doing multiple pics at one time. Combine this with my overestimating my own abilities in producing work at a reasonable rate, and you have a situation where I've taken on too much at once, and then end up making other things as well. Needless to say, I'm not a guy who' very good at managing his workload :P

This isn't an excuse for my behaviour or delays in commissions/requests, it's just me explaining why so much of the stuff I've put out so far has been nothing to do with what's on the itinerary. I want to reassure everyone that I have no intention of scamming or anything like that. The fact that I've put out the vast majority of commissions probably says that anyway, but I never had any malicious intent in doing what I do, and I'm sorry if I ever came off that way. I made this page because I wanted to share dumb art of coils, smooches and hypnosis for peeps to enjoy, and I'd get nothing out of turning this into a points laundering scheme.

With that said, I'm going to have to say two things:
  1. If, for whatever reason, you feel that you cannot trust me to complete a commission in a reasonable time frame, you are more than welcome to request a refund, either via notes or commenting on this journal here. I will do everything in my power to return the points that you paid me for your commission, and I will change my Itineary to reflect this. I won't hold it against you if you honestly feel like I'm not providing the kind of service you want, because honestly? I can't imagine having to wait as long as some of you have for me to put your commissions out.
  2. In the future, I am going to have to severely limit how many requests and commissions I take on at a time. Not only do I end up taking on too much, I also find that I end up neglecting commissions to do my own original art, or vice versa. Perhaps I'll limit it to three commissions, one being a mini-comic, and two requests? Also, if I feel that I can't do a commission to the best of my ability, I should really just sack up and say so instead of blithely accepting out of a desire to not seem rude.
I want to thank all of you for your infinite patience and understanding, and also for sticking by me throughout this nonsense. It's people like you that make me feel good about making the pictures I do - nothing feels better than having strangers on the internet validate your weird scribblings! :P Also, after this journal goes out, I am going to focus almost entirely on the commissions and requests, with two exceptions:
  1. A 300 Watcher Milestone mini-comic that is also a remake of one of my most popular pictures.
  2. A contest entry for :icondollysistersmassacre:.
Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

Also, Breath of the Wild is a good game. Go play it.
  • Listening to: Disney Eurobeat
  • Watching: Ultraman Orb
  • Playing: Breath of the Wild
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Kopparberg Cider


Okay, I think I just hit the AU jackpot. Picture this:

The Jungle Book...

...but it's also Skull Island from King Kong.
Just saw Kong: Skull Island.

It has made me hype for Godzilla 2.
Two things I just wanna say today:

1. Don't expect any previews for my next piece of work. I want it to be a surprise.

2. Holy shit, Eagle Flight has sold me on VR. Just make more games like this, please.
Happy Lips Appreciation Day, y'all biscuitheads.
Final flat colour preview. Enjoy it whilst it's here :P
300+ Watcher Special Flat Colour Preview by TheScaleTrain
Second preview. Not much new, except for the third panel. I'm really proud of how that turned out. :P
300+ Watcher Special Preview 2 by TheScaleTrain
I'm also thinking of modifying the big centre panel to show a cross-section with Ash's lips being smothered by Jynx's. Thoughts?
Preview of my 300+ Watcher Special. I'll give you a cookie if you can guess what this is a remake of :P
300+ Watcher Special Preview 1 by TheScaleTrain
Been watching a lot of Ultraman Orb recently. Now I'm tempted to make a new OC who acts as a sort of "victim" for some of my future art, based on the whole Henshin Hero concept.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
Just want to give a big, hearty thanks to the people who responded to my stupid journal I posted at like one in the morning. Knowing you guys understand and care really means something, ya know? :happycry:

Now, back to business! Stay tuned for the 300 Watcher Special comic, which will be the first of two things to go up before I get back to commissions and requests.
Guess who got a Switch?

That's right. This guy.

Time to do nothing productive whatsoever :D

UPDATE: Never mind, :iconzoldyck86:'s back. Whoopee.

Also I have nearly 300 Watchers?!?!?! Since when adbfkgnowlg

*makes mental note to draw something for it*
Okay so I have a cold again, and my nose is like a faucet right now. And it's killing my motivation to work on anything that's not a shitty edit.

Sorry, guys :(
Made a new avatar from my Valentines comic.

Enjoy seeing Wendy's puckered lips heading for your face whenever I post, motherfuckers! :evillaugh:
Valentines pic is complete! Will spend tomorrow writing the blurb and will post it either tomorrow or Monday.
Got some previews of the upcoming Valentines comic here. I'd like you guys to decide what colours I should use for Link:

As for why Wendy's lips are inexplicably brown, well... You'll soon see. ;)
So after a chat with :iconneo-geno450:, I've got my Valentines pic figured out.

Stay tuned for more!
With Valentines Day coming up, what sort of a pic would you like me to put out for it?
My Core Membership runs out in about a week and three days. Doesn't really matter much to me, since I never really did that much with it, but it was nice whilst it was there.

Just thought I'd let you guys know :P


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If you really want to, then go ahead.
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