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OC's: The Amoracondas by TheScaleTrain OC's: The Amoracondas :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 9 23 Gift: Happy Birthday, Jack! by TheScaleTrain Gift: Happy Birthday, Jack! :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 13 18 PC: Makeup Mishap (for Superdude-G) by TheScaleTrain PC: Makeup Mishap (for Superdude-G) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 56 20 PC: Playtime with Hissy (for AssaultCat) by TheScaleTrain
Mature content
PC: Playtime with Hissy (for AssaultCat) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 38 14
PC: Marigold Meets Tutti (For SwankyPajamas) by TheScaleTrain PC: Marigold Meets Tutti (For SwankyPajamas) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 70 14 RQ: Anon and Snakes (for Painfan66) by TheScaleTrain RQ: Anon and Snakes (for Painfan66) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 53 10 Adoraball Acution #3: Rosetta (OVER!) by TheScaleTrain Adoraball Acution #3: Rosetta (OVER!) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 6 17 Adoraball Auction #2: Coral (OVER!) by TheScaleTrain Adoraball Auction #2: Coral (OVER!) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 6 11 Adoraball Auction #1: Etna (OVER!) by TheScaleTrain Adoraball Auction #1: Etna (OVER!) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 2 28 Adoraball Adoptables: First Three! (SOLD OUT!!!) by TheScaleTrain Adoraball Adoptables: First Three! (SOLD OUT!!!) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 9 34 Adoraball OC: Oakleigh (for shade-iron-fist) by TheScaleTrain Adoraball OC: Oakleigh (for shade-iron-fist) :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 8 25
Adoraballs (TST Original Open-Source Species)

Oakleigh, a typical Adoraball of the Wood Element.
All over the globe a strange group of spirit-like creatures has lived alongside mankind, and perhaps indeed the planet itself for millions of untold years. These are the Adoraballs, an all-female race of beings who act as guardians of the natural world, possessing phenomenal, almost god-like magical powers. Whilst rarely seen by most humans, a select few have the fortune of encountering one, which almost always ends in a life-long partnership due to a strange quirk of their being - when an Adoraball and a human share a kiss on the lips, a magical contract is formed that permenantly binds the Adoraball to her human. Apart from this, very little is known about these mysterious beings, although sightings and interactions with these spirits may be the source of Genie/Djinn stories and similar tales across the world.

Physical Characteristics
The Adoraballs gain the
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 6 28
Peach's New Pet: The Novelization
WARNING: The following written piece contains...
...huh. Actually, I don't see anything that would offend anyone. Read away! :D
A Super Mario Bros. Fan Fiction

The crate was a sizable one - much larger than Princess Peach had anticipated. It was made of sturdy, heavy wood from some far-off country, and the Toad attendants were sweating buckets by the time they carried it to the end of the bridge and set it down at her threshold. What was more ominous about it were the conspicuous air holes drilled into the sides of the crate, which meant that something alive had been bundled into the dark, confined space and had been forced to sit through several hours inside it.
Something… big.
As the ruling heir of the Mushroom Kingdom crossed the bridge of her castle towards the crate, it suddenly began jerking from side-to-side as something within it became aware of her presence. A high-pitched whining noise, coupled with an insistent an
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 10 7
AKatFI Chapter 3: A Welcome Web
WARNING: The following chapter of Ash Ketchum and the Forgotten Island contains situations not intended for younger readers, including:Forced/Involuntarily Paralysis
Mild Bondage (spider silk)Large-lipped Kisses/SmoochesThis chapter is also unsuitable for those who suffer from arachnophobia or a general aversion to spiders and similar entities.
Viewer discretion is advised.
Last time on Ash Ketchum and the Forgotten Island: Stranded on a mysterious island filled with strange Pokémon hybrids, Ash had to come to terms with the fact that he was all alone and had to survive for himself. This was thrown into stark relief when an attempt to spend the night in a tree turned into a hypnotic encounter with Jynbok, who soon had the poor, helpless boy in her coils! Were it not for the intervention of a territorial Zanvile, our hero might have ended up a meal for the serpentine seductress! As it was, he barely managed to escap
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 15 7
Gift: Happy Birthday, Mark! by TheScaleTrain Gift: Happy Birthday, Mark! :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 78 36 Quickie: Practice Makes Perfect by TheScaleTrain Quickie: Practice Makes Perfect :iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 26 32


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United Kingdom


Screeching down the railway with no brakes,
The Scale Train! The Scale Train!
Posting crappy art with a ton of mistakes,
The Scale Train! The Scale Train!

With smooches, coils and hypnosis galore,
And more besides, you can never be sure,
When the Scale Train may someday pull up outside your door!

- Sung to the tune of "James the Really Splendid Engine".

I do naughty drawings. Usually to do with snakes, coiling, kisses and hypno, but you may just see some other stuff here. I may also write things related to said fetishes.

:iconrequestsclosed: :icontradesask: :iconnocommissions: :iconnocollabs: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :icongiftsask:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

So, it's nearly August. Almost a year since I opened up commissions. And this morning, I had a note from my pal :iconswankypajamas:, who rightly pointed out that I've kept you lot waiting for too long. A year is far too long for anyone to wait until a piece that they commissioned or requested someone to do comes out, and I really have no excuse for letting things get as bad as they have done now. I would normally apologize for this, but at this point it would feel hollow, and I have no intention of letting you guys down anymore, at least not in terms of how long I take to do things around here.

So allow me to divide this into the good news and the bad news.

The Good News
The major good news is that, after some consideration, I have a better idea of which of your commissions I'll want to do first and how to approach them. So I'm going to post a list of the ones I know I can do or want to do, and in the order I intend to tackle them.
  1. :iconpainfan66: - Anon and two kissy snakes - DONE!: RQ: Anon and Snakes (for Painfan66)
  2. :iconswankypajamas: - OC Marigold meets Tutti Commission - DONE!: PC: Marigold Meets Tutti (For SwankyPajamas)
  3. :iconassaultcat: - OCs Iron Wing and Hissy coiling and kissing Commission (2-Panel Mini-Comic) - DONE!: PC: Playtime with Hissy (for AssaultCat)
  4. :iconsuperdude-g: - Roll and Splash Woman Mini-Comic Commission - DONE!: PC: Makeup Mishap (for Superdude-G)
  5. :iconcardfightvanguard62: - OC Mayonaka hypnotised Request - In Progress.
  6. :iconfiremaster92: - Trace + Scarlett kisses. Don't remember if this was a request or comission, so please give me a shout and remind me!

For those of you who were promised Story Blurbs along with your commissions - don't worry, I haven't forgotten! I'll add them in individually, once I upload the art by itself.

The Bad News
Unfortunately, this does not come without it's downsides. So I'm going to have to drop a few hard bombshells.

  • The Misdaventures of Tiffany Ebrum is hereby CANCELLED. All art relating to it will be moved to Storage at the weekend. I may upload a document that will explain where that was leading, but don't get your hopes up. I may still do pictures of Tiff in kiss-related situations, but they won't be related to this project.
  • The Adoraballs will no longer be personally worked on by myself. Everything except for the Adoraball profile themselves will be moved to Scraps at the weekend, the same time as the Tiff stuff. I will, however, make them an open-source species, so if anyone wants to create their own Adoraball character or even redesign them, you won't need to wait for me to do it :P
  • All other projects, such as Forgotten Island, will be on INDEFINITE HIATUS untill further notice. Do not expect further installments in those projects during this time. You may still see some personal art from me, but that will be few and far between.
  • Once Commissions are completed, I will be taking no further commissions and requests for a long while. The fact that it took me so long to do any of these listed above means that I probably shouldn't be trusted to do them to begin with, but I don't want to deprive those people who would honestly pay to see me do something they want to see from me. If I do open them up again, they will be very limited, I will have measures to prevent me taking almost an entire year to do them, and I will put all personal projects on the backburner if I do so.

I understand if, at this point, you would rather just have your points back. But the least I can do is try to rectify the situation so that you don't walk away from me with nothing, and hopefully I will be able to amend things so that, if I do end up taking point commissions, more people will be able to trust me with them.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.


  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Day of the Triffids
  • Playing: Paladins
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Cider


With any luck, I may have an art preview to come up this weekend, possibly on Sunday. Don't expect much, I've been on-and-off with my art mood this week.
Shoutout to all my peeps in the UK and Ireland. That blood red sun be whack, yo. Also please stay safe, hurricanes are bad news.

Okay, so due to a rather suddenly busy week, I'm gonna have to start cardfightvanguard62's request next week. Just not been able to get anything started at all this week due to one thing or another.

Sorry for the sudden delay, but them's the breaks.
EDIT: Never mind, Sandiramon got me more Core Membership. I'll move those OC's to Scraps and get back to requests :P
May delay the request work to do a quick OC sale/auction so I can extend my core membership. Apologies for those who were waiting.
Probably gonna pick up the next request this weekend.

Also my core membership runs out in four days, but that's less important :P
Would you guys care to see more Roll X Splash stuff from me in the future? I've pondered doing it, but the lack of overall response to my last upload is making me have second thoughts. And it's not exactly a popular pairing, either...
One more panel to go on the SplashXRoll commission! Have a final preview showing some preliminary backgrounds and SFX.
Makeup Mishap Preview 3 by TheScaleTrain
I'll also be writing one of my usual story blurbs to go with this, as required by the commissioner. Keep an eye out!
New preview of Superdude-G's commission. Now we see who's responsible for Roll's new look... but it seems they're a little too enamoured with their handiwork :P
Makeup Mishap Preview 2 by TheScaleTrain
(Wasn't gonna show this, but I am waaaaay too proud of that last panel. forgive me i am crackshipping trash)
Preview of Superdude-G's commission. Roll seems to be getting all gussied up... but what for?
Makeup Mishap Preview 1 by TheScaleTrain
Probably gonna start Superdude-G's commission this weekend. You'll know I'm working on it when I put up a preview or two in here.
So I just had a bad dream where I had a pet python, but didn't know how to look after it and I was getting frantic with worry thinking it was going to die. Then I hurt it by accident, so it escaped into the back garden, and when I tried to get it back in the house it attacked me.

Dunno what this says about me, to be honest. :|
First Preview of Assaultcat's commission. Sorry it took this long, but headaches and Game of Thrones will do that to you.

Iron Wing and Hissy Preview 1 by TheScaleTrain
Gonna start working on Assaultcat's commission now. Expect updates when I can manage them.
Gonna start the next commission this week. Maybe tomorrow, will see how I feel about it.
Okay, so I just saw the first episode of the new Ducktales, and holy fuck that's some good cartooning.

But you know what makes it even better?


The last panel of next commission has been completed! Now all I gotta worry about is effects and backgrounds, which won't take me anywhere as long to do. Stay tuned for more!


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